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anyone thats a member has to comment on this page so i can add you to the members page. i have been waiting for about 2 months but no one posted yet



Their is someone named NCO or [GSA Pvt.] L NCO. I was going to make him Co-Leader, since hes GSA I can’t. So if he tries to put a comment or post down don’t listen to it.

i am making a new rule. If you join this clan you need to make a comment saying your username on plazma burst 2 so i can add you to the members list. The other newrule is when u rank up put a post on the ranks page (If your militay put it on the military rank page, and if your part of the judical branch post on the judical rank page). These rules are made to make sure their are no GSA Spies, and that everyone ranks up fairly.

Okay I’m back now from being grounded.


I’m yoyoyoyo12, the co-leader of zk clan! Be sure to add me as friend if you would like thx

Make sure you vote wether you like the clan or not.